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Weekly News From the President: Fundraising Emphasis at the ACM Annual Conference

Fundraising Emphasis at the ACM Annual Conference

The most frequent request ACM gets from members is how to expand fundraising in our work. That’s why we have an emphasis on fundraising training at our National Conference in Baltimore this summer.

We’ll feature six separate sessions on fundraising skills and philosophy throughout the three days at the conference – including how to get started, crafting annual gifts, making planned gifts, grant writing, planning special events and working for major gifts.  We don’t expect everyone in every community media operation to do everything.  But we’re convinced that there ARE approaches that work in every type of community to raise money for worthwhile causes – including community media.

To be sure, some communities will not see cable revenues decrease this year or next depending very much on demographics and media use in their locale.

But what is certain is overall cable subscriptions are predicted to fall by 20 million homes in the next decade in the US.  That means at least a 40% reduction in cable penetration – and a resulting decrease in audience reach and impact nationally.

So…what do you do with 40 percent less money or audience?

I believe that fact means PEG channels and centers have to find new distribution AND revenue strategies AND importance to serve their communities.  I don’t think cable will go away, but the sole reliance on it for importance and support will.

And the time to plan for the next decade is now.  We need every community media operation in the country to be stronger in the future.  That’s why I hope you’ll join us in Baltimore in July and take advantage of the workshops and breakout sessions we’ve lined up!

Let’s build that future for our communities together!  Join us!

FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Channel Lineup Requirements

ACM filed comments this past week in the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making on Channel Lineup Requirements (Docket Number 18-92).

At issue is whether cable systems can get rid of the requirement to maintain copies of their channel lineups at local offices.  Along with our friends at NATOA, we agreed with the idea that paper copies in a local cable office wasn’t necessary, but we argued that accurate and complete channel lineups have to be available to consumers and regulators.
This is especially true for PEG channels which often aren’t included in promotional websites from cable systems.

If you want to support our comments, let me know at mwassenaar@allcommunitymedia.org. The deadline for replies is June 15.

Public Policy Call on Thursday, June 7

And one other quick reminder:  Our monthly Public Policy call for members takes place this Thursday at 4:00 pm ET/ 1:00 pm PT.  If you want to get on the invite list, let me know!

Jersey Access Group Conference Recap

Thank you to our friends at Jersey Access Group for giving me the opportunity to speak this past week at their conference on net neutrality and closed captioning!  I appreciated the opportunity.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media