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Weekly News From the President: Schedule a Conference Birds of a Feather Discussion by May 21st

Birds of Feather Sessions at the ACM National Conference
I hope you’re making your plans to join colleagues around the country at the ACM National Conference in Baltimore in July.

This year, we’re trying to encourage folks to share their ideas and best work at our Birds of a Feather sessions, so we’ll be mixing screenings into the sessions!

Birds of a Feather encourages professional growth and information sharing at our national conference. Bird of a Feather are self-organized gatherings put together by anyone at the conference to promote an idea, build allies or share cool stuff.

We think Birds of a Feather is a way to see what’s being produced around the country that’s inspiring and innovative. We’re inviting centers around the country to put together show reels to discuss, but if you’d like to screen innovative work at your center, we would love to show it off in Baltimore!

All sessions, including screenings will have a one-hour time block. If you want to schedule a screening or Birds of a Feather discussion, please contact Jasmine White at jwhite@mymcmedia.org by next Monday, May 21st. Then, we encourage you to promote the session to your colleagues! We’ll provide a listing of events at the conference, but it’s important to ask other people to join you for the discussion or screening!

Here’s an example: On the Friday morning of the conference, I’ll be leading a discussion with people who are interested in figuring out if and how we can revive the Community Media Review (www.communitymediareview.org), ACM’s long-standing and late lamented periodical.

Have an idea that’s inspiring? Want to show off the best in documentary programs at your channel? We want to hear from you!

ACM’s Midwest Region & Wisconsin Community Media Spring Conference Recap
My thanks to all our friends at Wisconsin Community Media and the ACM Midwest Region for the opportunity to talk about strategic planning and provide federal policy updates at their Spring Conference in Oshkosh, WI last week. It was great to catch up with Midwestern colleagues and hoist a pint of Spotted Cow with community media friends – something you can do ONLY in Wisconsin!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media