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Weekly News From the President: Artificial Intelligence at the NAB Show

Artificial Intelligence at the NAB Show

The two letters on my mind at the NAB Conference in Las Vegas this last week weren’t TV.

They were AI.

Artificial Intelligence applications were everywhere, including one broadcast switching application I saw demonstrated that uses facial recognition software to call the shots in a multicamera studio. AI was touted for making advertising personalization ubiquitous (easier for you to buy things tailored to your specific needs at specific times and places in your day and night). And tailoring your personal feeds of video so you never have to see something that doesn’t meet your preconceived notions of what your demographic profile might want to see.

Never let it be said that we can’t find new ways to be alone together. Perhaps we can also develop a robot to watch the media that is robot generated.

One upside of all this – radical advancements in voice recognition to generate text for transcripts and video captions. It’s not quite to human perfection, yet. But the costs are going down radically and the quality is increasing daily. On the same day that Final Cut announced it was rolling out an update to allow easy insertion of closed captions, I talked with one company that is building a plug-in for Adobe Premiere to insert captions through its subscription service (at a cost of $12 for an hour of video).

I expect there will be many more competitors in the space in the coming months as the technology used for surveillance and home shopping continues to get more sophisticated.

There were lots of other intriguing things on the show floors in Vegas. Tiny sophisticated cameras, wireless switching and backhaul solutions, virtual storage and channel playback, app development and on and on and on. I’m hoping we have a chance to show off some of the cool stuff at our trade show in Baltimore this summer.

Be More – ACM’s 2018 Annual Conference

Registration is now open for the ACM Annual Conference in Baltimore, July 11-13 at the Baltimore Hilton. The theme of this year’s get-together is “Be More”, a play on the city’s name but also an indication of the need for our organization to have more impact, make more meaning and be more to more people in our communities.

Notice, however, we didn’t call it “Do More”.

The idea isn’t to work ourselves to death but to find ways to grow meaning and meaningfulness in our work.

That’s also why we have a major component of fundraising workshops and presentations throughout the conference. The message you’ve sent ACM is that you need tools and resources to do good work in your communities and have more impact.

We’ll be close to Washington DC, therefore we are scheduling an ACM Day on the Hill event on July 11 to get as many people as possible to talk with their Congress members about the importance of community media.

I hope you’ll join us. There’s an Orioles-Yankees game in the works, it’s crab season in Maryland in July, and hundreds of your friends will be there!

Grassroots Scholarship Fund Update

We’re got a little less than two weeks to go in our Grassroots Scholarship Fund campaign. Go to our Grassroots donation webpage and help put us over the top of our goal of $2,000 in gifts to support travel and professional education for our colleagues across the country! Thanks!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media