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Weekly News From the President: Section 508 Standards Means Change for Federal Government Websites

Section 508 Standards Means Change for Federal Government Websites 

I’ve received a number of concerned emails and calls from access channels who have been contacted by a captioning and web-streaming vendor who is trying to scare them into buying a service by saying the Federal Government has changed its Section 508 standards this last month.

The statement is strictly true: Section 508 dictates accessibility standards for government websites РFEDERAL government websites.  So, the sales pitch is bogus.

That said, there IS a lot of confusion about accessibility standards and captioning, and we want to help clarify issues and provide answers for you, your board, or policy makers in your community.

Join us on February 28th for our member webinar giving legal and technical updates on closed captioning, and invite others to attend. The registration link and more information is directly below.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media