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Weekly News From the President: Awards Deadline Extension

Here on President’s Day 2018, it’s appropriate to talk about leadership and what it means in community media.

ACM has extended our deadlines for our National leadership awards to Tuesday – and I’d like to urge you to consider nominating the people who have made a difference in your work, and in the collective work of our channels across the country.

That could be someone who has demonstrated continued commitment to the work of ACM as a volunteer, or who has made a significant contribution to how communities connect with one another through media, or someone who demonstrates the power of harnessing diverse voices to make a difference in our world.

You know someone who has done that. They may not call themselves a leader – but they show leadership through their work. Take a few moments to thank them for their quiet or vocal leadership – and nominate them for one of our national awards.

Thank you!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media