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Weekly News From the President: Net Neutrality Vote is Thursday

The FCC will be holding their December open meeting this Thursday. It’s widely expected that the Pai Commission will overturn the current Net Neutrality rules on a partisan 3-2 vote.

What comes next?  Expect a series of lawsuits from a host of advocates civil rights groups, small businesses and even some ISPs, and a ruling in the next two years or so.

In the meantime, I’m suggesting that organizations and communities contact their members of Congress about the issue – both to hold the FCC responsible to hear public input, and to frame the debate for whatever comes out of Congress in the next few terms.  You should talk about the importance of independent producers and small communities that have little or no leverage to negotiate deals with internet providers for favorable service to reach audiences.

If you’re looking for programming to talk about Net Neutrality and freedom of speech, What’s at Stake? Net Neutrality is a nice hour-long forum that was put together by our members at Manhattan Neighborhood Network that you are welcome to share on your channels. And here is a PSA from our members at QCTV in Champlin, MN that’s a great explainer

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media