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Weekly News From the President: FCC Pushing Forward to End Net Neutrality

The hits just keep on coming from the FCC.  Over Thanksgiving the Commission announced its December agenda, which will push an effort to eliminate current Net Neutrality regulation AND preempt state and local efforts to enforce internet fairness regulations.

What’s especially infuriating about the Commission’s expected order is that the Commission’s leadership has said they will mostly disregard the over 22 million public comments that support the principle because they are legal arguments.

This is the sign of a federal agency that is willfully turning its back on the public.

What should ACM members do?  My best suggestion is take them at their word, and go to every elected official you know and raise a ruckus.  This ruling will be so unpopular (and high handed) it MIGHT have an opportunity to build bi-partisanship in Washington.  For example, Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine has just come out against the effort.

Contact Republicans and Democrats at the state and federal level, and tell them how important it is to your producers and your productions that independent content can be seen on the Internet by anyone regardless of their commercial affiliation.

If the FCC wants to ignore the public, let them do so at their peril, and let’s contact folks who at least say they listen to communities.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media