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Weekly News From the President: Tribune Bought by Sinclair Group in 3.9 Billion Dollar Deal

Tribune Bought by Sinclair Group in 3.9 Billion Dollar Deal

Well that escalated quickly.

Sinclair Group announced today they will be buying Tribune Media – a $3.9 Billion deal that will combine the two largest local owners of television stations.  The move comes one month after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai rolled back broadcast ownership restrictions.
We predicted the consolidation soon after the President’s election last November.  It’s small comfort to know you were right when it hurts the information health of communities around the country.

The move still needs to be approved by the FCC and the Justice Department, but when it’s approved it will accelerate the de-staffing of local news operations and local television studios.

That’s one of the reasons we’ve been urging members to consider how they can IMPROVE news coverage in their communities.  Media consolidation reduces local ownership of news operations and accelerates the creation of news deserts, places where there is no local news (for detail check out research by the University of North Carolina’s Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media).

This is also why I want to encourage you to join us for Wednesday’s ACM Webinar on Journalism Partnerships, being led by Somerville’s Erica Jones. You can register here.  Join us!

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality

Want a simple video (with slightly NSFW language) to explain the battle over Net Neutrality?  Take 20 minutes for John Oliver’s Net Neutrality II from Last Week Tonight. It crashed the FCC’s website for a period of time last night, see why.

MassAccess Spring Conference

I’m looking forward to talking with those assembled at the MassAccess Spring Conference in Worcester, MA this Friday.  I hope to see you there!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO