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Weekly News From the President: Carroll Country Community Media Center

Carroll Country Community Media Center
My thanks goes out to Richard Turner and all the folks I met at Carroll County Community Media Center in Westminster, MD this past week.  I gave a couple of talks to producers, staff, board members and partners about the future of community media.  It was great to connect with folks in the county and talk about ways community media can be meaningful in people’s lives there.

Really, that’s what we can do best: respond to local needs in ways media based in Los Angeles or London really can’t. 
CCCMC is a good example of that as they are devoting resources to partner with agencies throughout Carroll County to fight opioid abuse and to provide essential election information for townships that aren’t served by regional media in Baltimore, MD, Washington DC or Harrisonburg, PA.  

We’re proud to have them as members of ACM!   Thanks again!

Grassroots Scholarship Campaign
We’re just a week away from the fundraising deadline for the 2017 Grassroots Scholarship campaign. We want to support two grassroots attendees travel to the National Conference in Minneapolis this summer. We can raise the money to do that with your help.

It doesn’t take much if we all chip in, so consider making a tax deductible donation, or having your station sponsor one of our scholars with a contribution!

Get November 8, 2017 on Your Calendar!
Mark your calendar for November 8, the day ACM will be organizing Hill visits in Washington DC in conjunction with our National and Foundation Board meetings.  We welcome all members to join us as we talk about the importance of PEG community media with Congress and the FCC.  Let me know if you’re interested in joining us as we walk the halls!

May 12th Mass Access Spring Event
I’ll be visiting Worcester, MA in just a few weeks to help our friends at Mass Access for their Spring event on May 12. I hope to see you there!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO