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Weekly News From the President: Early Bird Conference Reg

Early Bird Conference Registration
We’re opening up our Early Bird Registration this week for the national ACM Annual Conference in Minneapolis, July 12-14. Register today for the discounted rate, and we will see you this summer!

This year’s conference will have a continued emphasis on program renewal and reinvention and sustainability, which includes several sessions on fundraising and community media work.  We are still securing some of our speakers, but the event’s theme, “Rivers to Cross” will speak to the challenges and solutions that lie ahead for all of us and our communities. This year’s schedule will also include technical demonstrations and learning opportunities with equipment exhibitors and thought leaders in our field.

We’ll hold a fundraiser for the Foundation of the ACM. This event is now a growing tradition at our national conference, and 2017 will feature a beer tasting at a local micro-brewery! This time we will be sampling the works of Modist Brewing, named one of the best new breweries in the U.S.

We will cross the river, literally, for both an opening night Open House at the new SPNN facility and a closing evening tour at the CTN Studios production in the CHS field of a St Paul Saints baseball game. The tour will include the game followed by some fireworks!  

While it’s not on the schedule, I believe there may be at least one pilgrimage to Paisley Park, which is now operated as a museum!

I hope the conference is on your calendar. I’m looking forward to showing off my hometown!  

Starting a Fundraiser Webinar
There is still time to join us for next week’s webinar, Starting a Fundraising Operation. We’ll talk with development staff about what you need to get started and to inspire others to do fundraising work. It will be a great session! See below for more details.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO