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Thanks to everyone who attended our ACM Webinar on Closed Captioning Rules last week. If you missed it, here are some key takeaways:

  • You should determine if your organization or local government is exempt from the FCC’s closed captioning rules.
  • ACM will let you know about new reporting and certification requirements for all cable channels as the FCC develops its reporting system. We are also petitioning the FCC to waive requirements for producers to register and certify their exemption status.
  • If you receive Federal Funding for your services, you need to provide disabled access as a result of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • While you may or may not be exempt from the FCC’s rules, you are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means determining how to effectively communicate, and whether captioning is economically feasible. Read the ADA’s standards for communication.
  • We recommend all stations determine whether captioning is economically feasible by actually getting estimates of costs, and then have their leadership affirm whether captioning would be an undue burden.

Captioning Solutions will be discussed on our next webinar on Wednesday, March 15. Register here.


Another big thank you to everyone who has been contacting their US Senators and Representatives about the importance of community media!  We have over 70 member organizations contacting local Congressional offices in 21 states this month!

We need more of our member organizations to be heard in this work. It takes just a few minutes of your time and it’s crucial to be heard this year as Congress contemplates telecom deregulation.
Let me know if you want to take part in the campaign by sending me an email.

Be sure to join us this week as we hold our Public Policy briefing calls with members on Tuesday 2/28 and Thursday 3/2 at 4pm ET. Let me know if you need the coordinates for the call!


If you’re in the DC area this week, ACM members get a discount for registering for the Media Consortium’s Transformative Media Conference.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO