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Weekly News from the President: Today’s Number is Twenty Two

As in Twenty Two Million Dollars.

That’s the amount of money the cable industry spent in the first three months of this year on its lobbying efforts according to the New York Times. Columnist Cecilia Kang wrote this week about the industry’s effort to stop the FCC from deregulating the set-top-box market.

It’s a staggering number, and Kang points out it doesn’t include other AstroTurf lobbying efforts like ghost writing editorials for other organizations. What’s just as odd about the effort is both sides of the debate are claiming the market is on their side. For example, the anti-FCC effort is being led by the “Future of TV Coalition“, which claims it supports “market based innovation.” You may be familiar with some of the “mom-and-pop” organizations that make up its membership….

ACM has supported the FCC reform effort because those same “market based” innovators consistently refuse to let cable channels compete on their set-top-boxes, and refuse to allow PEG channels to distribute metadata and program listings to consumers thus undermining PEG requirements.

You can find our letter to the FCC on the issue here.


Thanks again to everyone who gave to support ACM’s Grassroots Scholarships. We’ll announce the winners soon…and I hope you get a chance to meet them in Boston at the National Conference!

As you’re planning your trip to Boston, I’d like you to consider joining the ACM Foundation at Harpoon Brewery¬†for a Benefit Beer Tasting on Thursday night, August 18 at 8pm. We have a limited number of seats available for the event, and all proceeds will support the Foundation’s work and the work of the Inclusion, Equity and Engagement Fund of the Foundation. Register for the benefit today.


Lastly I’d like to thank SCAN NATOA for their invitation to speak at the Opening Plenary at their Annual Conference last week in Long Beach, CA. One of the most important parts of my job is getting perspectives from different people in our field so I can represent you well.

In the next couple months, I’ll be setting up discussions with members and non-members about what you see in the coming year and what you’d like ACM to concentrate on. Right now, I’m setting up some times in Minneapolis/Saint Paul (July 6th), Arlington VA (July 27th) and at the National Conference. If you’d like to join in the conversations, I’d appreciate it. Let me know by email at