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Weekly News from the President: Take the Challenge

We’re beginning to get the first applications for the ACM Mentor Network.   People around the country are signing up to lend their opinions and talent as mentors, and to get the benefit of that expertise from a mentor.

And while it may be obvious what you gain by having a mentor, I can’t overestimate what happens when you challenge yourself to become a mentor.

I’ve been lucky to be in that position with a couple of colleagues in community media work.   Answering questions about why and how to do things forced me to look at the assumptions I had about my work.  Listening to someone else’s challenges made me a better leader.

So I’d like you to take the challenge.   Become a mentor to other people in our field.   Take a few minutes to fill out the Mentor Network application here.

We’ll start assigning mentors in the next month, and want you to be a part of the learning community we are building at ACM!


The news that Charter Communications is trying to acquire Time Warner and BrightHouse Networks to become the second biggest cable operator isn’t really news (especially if you read my weekly letter!).   What IS welcome news is this statement from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler:

The FCC reviews every merger on its merits and determines whether it would be in the public interest. In applying the public interest test, an absence of harm is not sufficient. The Commission will look to see how American consumers would benefit if the deal were to be approved

This is nice to hear, especially when much of the trade press has been about the “inside baseball” aspects of the deal or how it isn’t as bad the Comcast deal was.   “Not as bad as Comcast” isn’t particularly inspiring, nor is it actually beneficial for consumers and local communities.

We’ll keep you updated on the transaction as details emerge.


The Countdown is at 76 days.

No I’m not talking about NFL training camp.   I’m counting down to Pasadena.   You are too, right?

We are 76 days away from the opening of the National Conference at the Pasadena Hilton August 12-14.  It’s looking to be a great event.  Register now!