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Weekly News from the President: September 8, 2015

Charter Shot Clock Starting Soon?

We are hearing that the FCC will be starting the comment cycle soon for the Charter/Time Warner Cable/Brighthouse Network merger.  There are a number of public interest groups around the country that will be opposing the merger because of the increased power of the “New Charter.” ACM thinks it’s important that all community media interests across the country take note of the merger and how it may impact us all in the long run. If you are in Hawaii or New York State, there will be state hearings SOON on the merger, and we’d like you and your communities to speak up for community media there.

We’ll be preparing comments about the impact of the potential merger, and are working with stations across the country who can tell their story and concerns to state and federal policymakers. Expect updates soon on how you and your community can be involved.

Still Time to Comment on MVPD

I want to thank all our members who’ve been filing comments with the FCC in the MVPD (Multichannel Video Program Distributor) rulemaking (DN 14-261). You’re helping us bolster the case with the Commission that PEG channels and local franchise authorities should not be hurt in the proceeding.

There’s still time to be a part of the effort. If you or your local elected officials can make comments, we want to hear from you! Contact me at to get a copy of the template for comments that we’ve put together for our members.

New Video

If you were at our National Conference in Pasadena last month, you got a sneak preview of a promotional video project ACM has been working on. I’m happy to report several versions of the video are now available for you to promote on your channels and your website. We’d like this to be seen across the country. Please share it with viewers, allies and partners, elected officials and others in your community!

You can find it on YouTube here.

Let me or our staff know if you want a copy for your channel

Will You Be in San Diego?

If you’re in San Diego this week for the Annual NATOA (National Assn of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors) Conference, I’d love to catch up and talk about what’s going on in your community.  I’ll be leading a roundtable discussion on PEG station management Wednesday 9/9 @ 415pm, and will be part of a panel earlier that day on state and federal policy updates and impacts.  Hope to see you there!