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Weekly News from the President: Paul Berg

I was saddened to hear this week about the death of Paul Berg.  Paul has been a long-term presence in community media in Massachusetts and led the development and growth of NEW TV in Newton for many years.

I didn’t know Paul that well, but he treated me with kindness and respect when I first became involved with the Alliance for Community Media in 2004.   Paul was a member of the National Board of Directors, and he always demonstrated concern for the future of the organization because of the support work and advocacy we provide for smaller groups around the country.  He wasn’t shy with his opinions, but I found that to be a virtue.

I always found Paul to be passionate about justice and what was right and wrong, and a tremendously creative person.  He was one of the driving forces behind our national activism in 2005 when the future of PEG community media was being called into question in Congress, and organized the “Snow Day” protest which imagined a media system without local access channels.   He also was an organizer and volunteer in Massachusetts and a leader with the Alliance North East Region, and helped make our National Conference in Boston in 2006 a great success.

There are too many things that happen in a person’s life to mark down in a few words when they pass.  But Paul touched a lot of people with his work, and I’m grateful to have been lucky enough to know him a bit, and to have connected with him in a common mission as a volunteer with ACM.