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Weekly News from the President: “New Charter” Comment Cycle Opens

“New Charter” Comment Cycle Opens

Posted: September 14, 2015

As I predicted last week, the FCC has opened the comment cycle in the Charter/Time Warner/Brighthouse mergers. The initial deadline for comments will be October 13. You can find information about the cycle at the FCC’s website:

ACM will be filing comments in the proceeding and will be assisting members who wish to file.  We will be holding a webinar on the merger and how you and your community can be involved in the proceedings on Wednesday, September 30 at 4pm ET. You can sign up for the webinar here:

We are also working with members in states that have comment cycles in the merger such as New York, Hawaii and California, and are working with public interest organizations concerned about the effects of the proposed merger. If you are in a state with a proceeding and want assistance, please contact me at

ACM Video on

The ACM “Power of Community” video is available for download and distribution on You can find the link here

Other versions of the video will be uploaded there in coming days, and we will tell you when it’s available on and other platforms.

Community Media Video in New York

ACM NY Chapter President Maryann Arrien has released a great video on why small towns should be embracing community media and PEG. It’s worth using in your community to talk about the reasons why local leaders should support public access and all forms of community media. You can find it here:

Great work, Maryann!

Thank you, NATOA!

There were a lot of great talks and discussions about PEG and the future of community media at the NATOA conference in San Diego last week. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with local franchising officials and PEG operators during the week, and to listen to operators about their successes and challenges. One of the highlights for me was the PEG station roundtable I hosted, where participants were able to help each other and share concerns. It was pretty inspiring.

So too were the talks about broadband planning and digital inclusion – particularly presentations by Blair Levin of Gig U (his remarks were posted by The Benton Foundation here and the cities of Austin, TX and Portland, OR.

As we think about the future of our digital economy and our communities, I believe we all have to be thinking about the goals and accomplishments of community media in terms of digital inclusion to ensure we don’t have a stratified communications system and an economy that’s separate and unequal.

Thank you, NATOA for bringing local governments together to talk about these issues!