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Weekly News From the President: Dr. MLKJ & FCC Seeks Comments on ACM’s Petition

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I hope you take some time to consider the continuing legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on this national day of recognition and how it fits into our lives and work every day beyond this one.

The voices and needs of everyone; the famous and the oppressed, the big and the small, the winners and the losers, are to be recognized if our society is truly devoted to equality for all.  

That’s a principle we should strive to achieve in our work every day, and is just as important in 2017 as it was during Dr. King’s life.

So commemorate this day, and remember it every day.

The FCC Seeks Comments on ACM’s Petition

The Federal Communications Commission is inviting comments on ACM’s Petition to waive captioning registration and certification requirements for PEG producers.

The initial comments are due February 9th and reply comments are due February 24th.

Link to FCC’s Notice

You may remember that we filed the Petition because the FCC’s Second Order on Closed Captioning will requires all video producers on cable systems – including PEG Access producers – to register consumer contact information and say yearly whether they are exempt from the FCC’s captioning rules. We want to make sure that Access producers don’t have to deal with that needless red tape.

If you want to file comments, we’ve prepared some sample language to use and modify. Contact me at if you’d like to use it.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO