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Weekly News from the President- Help the ACM Thrive in 2015

Heading into 2015, I see unique challenges and tremendous opportunities for PEG community media operations and for the Alliance for Community Media, the national organization devoted to promoting and protecting community media centers and television channels throughout the United States.

Community television channels are an invaluable resource for local expression in large cities and small towns.  And Public Educational and Government access channels represent an incredible success story:   There are over 1500 operations across the country, producing local media in communities that have been passed over by broadcast and cable and now internet television.

I believe there’s never been a more urgent time to have a common agenda and a national resource to foster localism in media and to promote community media.   And that’s why I want you to consider making a year-end donation to the Alliance for Community Media.

The pace of change in media technology is accelerating, and while there are more and more options for video viewing for most Americans, less and less media is local.    Community television provides a necessary remedy in an era of increased media consolidation by showcasing local issues and local voices.

I see a vital role for the Alliance helping local channels stay strong and become more agile by promoting best practices and building leadership and skills for our organizations.  This will help insure local community media operations will continue to adapt in an uncertain future.

Just as importantly, the Alliance will play an important role in Public Policy in the coming year.  Congress in 2015 will look more closely at rewriting the Telecommunications Act.   Protecting community television channels in Washington DC and insuring they thrive in the next decade will be my organizing focus for the next two years as policies are debated on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, the FCC will continue to weigh policies that can insure that PEG community media are treated equitably.   ACM will continue to be a presence there ensuring that you and your communities are heard.

That’s a lot to do.  But I have the determination to make sure community channels around the country can succeed.   And I know that I have friends and colleagues like you who believe in the vision of local communities thriving with the help of strong local media.    We’ve made great progress in the past year strengthening stations – and improving the Alliance – but there’s much more work to do.

That’s why I’m asking you to consider supporting that vision with a tax deductible donation to the Foundation of the Alliance for Community Media this year to support our education work to enrich our field, or a direct donation to the Alliance to support our advocacy work in 2015.

Make your donation now at

Can I count on you to be a part of our national effort?   Your support will help the Alliance for Community Media ensure community television is strong and vibrant in 2015 and beyond!\

Thank you and here’s to a successful year ahead!

Mike Wassenaar- President