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Weekly News from the President- Give us your input on 2015 ACM Webinars


I am working with Donna Liu from the  ACM Board of Directors to put together educational Webinars for ACM members for the coming year.    So I have a basic question to ask:

What would you like us to research and present for you, other staff, your Board or council members in the coming year? 

We want to provide insights into best practices in community media, new developments and innovations, and emerging areas of focus and technologies to help members make better decisions, build skills, and build greater meaning in the communities they serve.

So what would you like us to teach?  To research?  Who would you like to hear from?

Think about it, talk with other people in your organization, and let me or Donna Liu know by November 1.     Donna’s contact email is   And mine is listed below.

We’ll publish a list of Webinars for both members and non-members early in 2015 so you can plan for – and we can promote – the opportunities ahead.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Wassenaar