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Weekly News from the President- FCC Considering Mega-Mergers

The FCC has restarted the shot-clock for consideration of the Comcast/Time Warner/Charter transactions and the AT&T DirecTV merger. The deadline for Final Rebuttal Comments in the Comcast proceeding is December 23 and for AT&T the deadline is January 7.   Both of the potential deals may adversely affect PEG operations across the U.S., so ACM is preparing comments in the proceedings.

We believe it’s in all our interests to be involved in the FCC decisions, and are asking ACM members and non-members to provide information about their concerns about the merger.   If you would like to help with the proceeding, join us for a Teleconference on Thursday 12/11 at 1pm ET.   Here is the link for the call:

If you cannot make the call, please contact Mike Wassenaar (email: to get information about how you can help protect community media as the FCC considers these mega-mergers!