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Weekly News From the President: Community Media Day 2017

Friday is About the Great Work You Do

Community Media Day is just four days away on Friday, October 20.  There are celebrations, gatherings and commemorations planned across the country and I hope you’re doing something to celebrate this week.  Even if it’s something small, be sure to tell people that they are part of a national celebration of the work community media does every day!

If you want to be acknowledged on the Community Media Day website, let us know that you’re a partner in the event by visiting: https://www.communitymediaday.org/become-a-partner

Happy Community Media Day!

New Listserv

I hope you’re taking advantage of the new Groups.io Member Listserv we set up this past month.  You can do searches by topic and follow up on threads of conversations over time.

The Listserv is open to all paying members to connect with one another, but also remember that if you are an Organizational Member of ACM, you can have multiple employees or volunteers (like your Board members) signed up to learn about our industry, or to connect with other people in our field and get member-to-member support from other people in ACM.

Let Clair Steil in our Minneapolis office know if you want to sign up or add people to the Listserv!

Hill Day on November 8, 2017

I’m busy making appointments for ACM members who are coming to DC on November 8th to meet with in Congress on our Hill Day.  If you can join us, we want you tell your organization’s story and talk about why community media matters.  More details and the registration link are listed below.

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO
The Alliance for Community Media