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Weekly News From the President: Boston is “Our Town”

We are celebrating ACM’s 40th Anniversary this year at this year’s ACM National Conference and Trade Show in Boston August 18-20. Registration will be opening up in just a couple days and I am tremendously excited about this year’s event.

We’ll show off some of the great work that PEG community media is doing in the Boston area – with some open houses, a truck rodeo, and a VR demonstration – and we’ll have in depth workshops to give you practical skills you can take back to your community.

Our trade show on Thursday and Friday will feature over thirty equipment and technology exhibitors who serve community media.  We’ll feature sessions all three days on building journalism and news, youth media, digital inclusion, community engagement and innovation in our field.

New this year will be “Birds of a Feather” sessions which are self-organized by groups that want to get together at the Conference. It’s a way to deepen the thing that makes ACM conferences great: the connections you build with other people across the country. For example, PEG operations with LPFM licenses will be gathering there. What would you like to organize?

I’m hoping to see you in Boston this summer! It will be great!

The Quote is Accurate

I was quoted in Communications Daily this past week as being “pretty disappointed” with the FCC’s approval of the Charter, Time Warner, Bright House Networks merger.

It’s an accurate quote. What was so disappointing?

Many things, but here’s one: To counter-weigh the statements of hundreds of municipalities and PEG operations across the United States about how poorly Charter has treated local communities, the FCC relied on FIVE letters to claim to disprove your statements. One wasn’t even from a PEG operator: it was from a PBS affiliate! Another of those letters was from a PEG center in Michigan which in a different proceeding says Charter now won’t return their phone calls!

So I’m disappointed, but I’m also thankful.

I want to thank every organization that was a part of the proceeding.

It helped some communities get protections at the state level. It is a public record of the corporation’s performance than can be used to shine a light on industry practices moving forward. Your work was meaningful for ACM in the proceeding, and for that you deserve my gratitude.

Thank you.