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Weekly News from the President – An Update from NYC

I have just come back from the National Board Meeting for the Alliance held in New York this past weekend, grateful for the hospitality of the community media centers in NYC and inspired by the work I’ve seen them do.

I got the chance to visit BRIC in Brooklyn ( ), and MNN in Manhattan (, and met with folks from QPTV in Queens (   All three centers are very different in how they approach making community media.   But even in the largest media market in the United States, they (including their Borough counterparts in The Bronx and Staten Island) all share something very important.  They realize that local needs – and neighborhood issues– too often go unmet and uncovered in commercial media.

It’s too often that commercial news cameras only show up in a community when something bad happens.   All of the New York City community media operations know what it means to be in a community in both good times and bad to help provide vital and distinctive local information, and to provide educational services in neighborhoods.   It was very impressive to visit, and I’d invite you to do the same if you find yourself in NYC.

I am just as impressed by the energy and dedication of the National Board to do two things I think are vital for the future of PEG community media:

To fight and advocate for the interests of PEG community media, and to build our member organizations up so they can innovate and serve their communities well.  

The Board committed itself to a plan to work hard on National policy priorities in the coming year.  That means ACM’s continuing work on the FCC proceedings we’re already involved with (the Comcast transactions and the AT&T merger) and those that will arise in the coming months.  And it means organizing communities to advocate for PEG in the next Congress as it contemplates possible rewrite of the Telecomm Act.

And the Board committed itself to increasing our work to help strengthen ACM members so they can innovate and deliver vital services to their communities.   That means educational services you can use to create great programs and meet future needs.

To do that work, though, we depend on members.  More members around the U-S will help build our power in Washington DC.  And when you or your organization becomes a member of ACM, you help provide the knowledge for us to develop better programs to meet PEG community needs throughout the nation.

So I’d like to ask that you renew your membership to ACM – or rejoin us in the days ahead – and tell your colleagues about the work we are doing in the weeks ahead so we can build our membership across the U.S.

You can join or renew online here:

Thank you!

Mike Wassenaar- President