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My thanks go out to all the PEG channels who have filed so far in the FCC’s Inquiry on Promoting Diverse and Independent Sources of Video. You’re helping to establish a record of how our channels are treated by the cable industry that help us make our case with the FCC that Public Educational and Government Access channels need to be treated fairly.

ACM filed initial comments in the proceeding last week and laid out the case for channels to be seen and found through interactive program guides and other menu systems. View comments here.

We’re analyzing other comments – and there’s still time to reply by the FCC’s deadline of April 19th.

One cable company said the following in the proceeding:

“…the data in cable operator program guides is controlled and provided by third-party vendors, not the operator itself. Programmers contract directly with the program guide companies to provide their detailed listing for inclusion on the guide service. If there is an issue here, PEG programmers need to deal directly with the third-party vendors who provide the metadata for distributors program guides.”

So my question to you is: Is this true or not?

Our experience is the cable operator controls whether PEG operations can send data to the third-party guide vendor, but this isn’t what they are saying to the FCC!

The FCC needs to hear the facts from you.

If you want to file replies in the proceeding by April 19th, let me know at


It’s been nice to see the first groups of mentor matches get started as part of ACM’s Mentor Network! The idea is to build and strengthen professional relationships across the country and encourage new talent in community media to grow. If you’re interested in being a Mentor or getting a Mentor, the program is free.

Fill out an application here. I’d love to have you be a part of the Mentor program!


I’m looking forward to speaking at the Central States and Wisconsin Community Media conferences later this month. I hope you can make it to Madison WI or South Bend IN!