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Weekly News From the President: Local News & PEG Survey

Collaboration and Local News  

There’s an interesting thread going on right now on the Alliance Member ListServe on local journalism.  It was inspired in part by The Media Consortium’s 2017 Transformative Media conference last week in Washington DC.

The conference gathers independent media from around the United States. A key topic for the discussion was collaboration, particularly between different media outlets to increase resources, impact and effectiveness.  An equally important topic is how media can step forward as other local media and journalism disappears.

This prompted a question I put to the ListServe, just how do you collaborate or create local news programming?  The discussion has been inspiring.  Take this note from one member, Debby Dane:

“We are a teeny, tiny center (1FT, 2 PT) in Williamstown, MA, home to Williams College (2000 student liberal arts elite college)…[a] town of 7,000.  We have vibrant presence…covering 18 different municipal meetings….We post meetings on our website: willinet.org …and our one news outlet in the northern Berkshires (iBerkshires) uses our coverage to write his news stories.  He and WilliNet work together.   Our local 100 year old newspaper went under 2 years ago.”

This is a case where local community media is stepping up to fill the information void left by failing institutions.  I know it’s not the only story.  I invite you to join in on the discussion with other Alliance members so we can inspire more media innovation in places around the country and help our communities together.

PEG Channel Salary Survey

Nancy Richard is once again conducting her annual salary survey of PEG community channels.  Every year she collects anonymous data on salaries and other key questions from stations around the country.  

You can get a copy of the survey results on ONE condition: You participate! Take a few moments and help out others in our community. You can take the survey using this Google Form. The Deadline for the survey is April 15.

Closed Captioning Solutions Webinar

There’s still time to sign up for our next webinar on March 15 at 3:00 pm ET on Closed Captioning Solutions.  ACM webinars are free for organizational members, $5 for individual members and $25 for non-members. You can see a list of upcoming ACM webinars on our website.

ACM West Region Conference

If you are attending the ACM West Conference this week in Fresno,  I hope we get a chance to catch up.  I’ll be doing a couple of presentations on Thursday and Friday and it will be good to see you there!

Mike Wassenaar
President & CEO