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Resolution to Recognize PCTV


WHEREAS, Pittsburgh Community Television, the community media center serving the citizens of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has established itself as a key resource for, and asset in its community by encouraging dialogue, promoting media literacy, providing a platform for free speech, building a stronger community through training and by providing local citizens and non-profit organizations with the tools to produce and broadcast programs from their own unique perspectives.

WHEREAS, PCTV has been providing exemplary services to the citizens of Pittsburgh for twenty-five (25) years; and

WHEREAS, the PCTV has been an active member of the Alliance for Community Media, and resource for community media centers in Pennsylvania and throughout the country.


That the National Board of Directors of the Alliance for Community Media hereby applauds and congratulates PCTV for twenty-five years of outstanding service to the citizens of Pennsylvania, and specifically commends its staff, board, volunteers and employees for their dedication and hard work in maintaining PCTV as a critical local media resource.

Approved and Adopted this 19th day of July, 2011, by the Alliance for Community Media National Board of Directors.



Debra Rogers, Chair of the Board, ACM



Barbara Chisholm, Secretary of the Board, ACM