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POSITION AVAILABLE: Program Coordinator – Part Time

POSITION AVAILABLE: Program Coordinator – Part Time

Posted 6/24/15

The MCTV (Marshfield Community Television) Programming Coordinator is the person who takes all media submitted to or created by MCTV staff, interns, and members and ensures that it is properly processed and scheduled for playback on MCTV, MCTV’s website and other mediums on which MCTV shares it’s programming. The Programming Coordinator is also the staff member who is responsible for archiving and managing all past and present media.

All MCTV staff are expected to represent MCTV professionally at all times and assist in promoting MCTV’s philosophy for access training and delivery through outreach and education. The Programming Coordinator shall assist in supervising MCTV interns. This position reports directly to the Executive Director.

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