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POSITION AVAILABLE: Information Technology Specialist III (Cable), Grade 26

POSITION AVAILABLE: Information Technology Specialist III (Cable), Grade 26

Posted 5/19/15

Location: Department of Technology Services – Montgomery County, Maryland

WHAT DEPARTMENT OF TECHNOLOGY SERVICES IS LOOKING FOR: The primary duties include: providing engineering and technical support to television production teams by setting up equipment and ensuring systems are operational for live transmission; providing engineering production support for CCM and other PEG channels using the MPV; maintaining the MPV and its production equipment; resolving playback server issues; interacting with staff in DTS to resolve complex routing issues; interacting with franchise cable companies to address interconnections; monitoring the transfer of digital video and digital and/or analog audio signals from the TOC to the cable operators systems; resolving audio and video problems with the transmission of live and recorded local television systems to the cable operators systems; designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting audio visual production equipment, video storage servers, video transport over fiber optic systems; maintaining production equipment and managing the use of maintenance support contracts for studio equipment, ENG and EFP equipment, video file server technology and post production equipment; providing network support for MAC editing systems; and providing and defining technical specifications for equipment purchases including Request for Proposals (RFP) and contract development.

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