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POSITION AVAILABLE: Executive Director

Mountain View Community Television dba KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media. KMVT 15 ​is ​in its 32 years of operation, as an award winning, leader in public access media centers. We enable a vibrant and diverse community to express its creativity, through hands on training, media literacy and civic engagement. KMVT 15 supports the communities’ voice and needs by providing digital and media literacy training, while also providing a distribution platform on cable channels inMountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino and Sunnyvale. KMVT 15 also has a strong multi distribution platform through Youtube and Roku. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, KMVT 15 is seeking an Executive Director who will drive a strategic plan, a rebranding/reframing initiative and build the organizational capacities to expand its ever growing need for media education classes within the studio and in the classroom. KMVT 15 is poised to continue to lead in the PEG field, it community environment and maintain its stance as an innovative organization that utilizes all forms of media to express digital story telling while utilizing cutting edge technologies.

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