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Open Call for Submissions for ACM Foundation Promo Video

We are currently looking for volunteers from our membership to submit short video testimonials to help us promote the mission of the Foundation for the Alliance for Community Media (F/ACM). Those mission components are listed in the project details below. This will be a tool for spreading the word about the scholarship we wish to foster, as well as the professional and industry development we wish to foster. We’d love for your faces, voices, and projects to become a part of our narrative.

Questions? Contact Michelle Alimoradi at

Project Details & Submission Guidelines:

     Who: The Foundation for the Alliance for Community Media

     What: Short Video Testimonials and/or Supporting B Roll

How submissions will it be used:

  1. Funds development tool
  2. F/ACM Board recruitment tool
  3. Identity reinforcement Branding/identity statement for existing members

Due: No later than June 17, 2016

F/ACM Objectives/Initiatives:

  1. Providing a platform to recognize outstanding local media work with the National Video Festival/Awards Ceremony
  2. Ensuring strong future leadership in our industry through the Professional Mentorship
  3. Harnessing strengths, commissioning research, developing shared tools and other resources to ensure future success and growth in our industry
  4. Promoting strategies for equity and inclusivity in our practices, cultivating relationships with groups that will enable our work to truly represent the diverse communities we want to serve.
    • We support centers that provide unique spaces in the community where people from varied backgrounds and generations can work together to realize common goals.

Shaping your submission narrative:

Short testimonials + compelling visuals that represent a diverse cross section of our work in these or other related areas:

  • Hometown – Impact a show had on a community, additional feedback about impact of the national recognition would also be ideal
    • Example: When ‘The Pieces Don’t Always Fit’ won national recognition at the Hometown Videos Awards last year, our local network affiliate picked up the story, which brought additional attention to our issue (youth living on the Autism spectrum), hundreds of new hits to our videos on YouTube, as well as a shout out to our local community media center, which is now launching a new regular series on resources for parents raising children on the autism spectrum.
  • Mentorship – Has an ACM colleague played a huge role in helping you get where you are today? We want to hear that story.
    • Example: I met ________ at my first ACM conference and over years, _____became the person I called when I had a question about _______ or _______. When I finally decided to apply for an E.D. position 2 years ago, _______ was the first person I called for a recommendation. I believe I owe where I’m at today in large part to the guidance I received from them, and the opportunity to meet them through my ACM involvement.
  • Research/Resource Development – Is there a resource you have used that was developed by the ACM or that you found out about through ACM resources (Forum, conferences, etc.)? We want to hear that story.
    • Example: The Community Media Archive session at the ACM conference was an important resource and networking tool for us when we were putting together our proposal for a new website that allowed for a better online content presence. We are now contributing members to the library an associated CMA users forum.
    • Inclusion, Equity and Engagement Stories The main charge of IEE is to ensure the ACM stays true to its inclusive values and practices.IEE also develops and leads initiatives and activities that promote inclusive practices amongst our membership and throughout the field. Last year, we added a new class for our members to talk about way to make their programs more accessible to people with disabilities.

Supporting Material & B Roll

  • Footage that supports types of stories/narratives listed above
  • Info, stats, and other resources that support the need for a strong Foundation of the ACM
    • Example: (This is not a real statistic, but this is the kind of compelling data collection the F/ACM wants to collect with its funding)
      • “More than 60% of Local Arts Coverage in Massachusetts was captured by Community Media Centers, yet CMCs receive less than 1% of the National Endowment for the Arts funding available in the state.”