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Job Opening: Youth Media Educator & Trainer

The MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center is dedicated to education and media production. The Youth Media Center at the Firehouse offers educational programs and opportunities for young people to produce shows for the Youth Channel (YC) that are cablecast on MNN channels. The Youth Media Center educates about media’s critical role in society and assists producers to voice social, politics and cultural concerns otherwise without a TV outlet. Programs offer young people opportunities to receive technical training and produce media about issues impacting their lives for cablecast on MNN.

The Youth Media Educator & Trainer works directly with young people to provide hands-on training and in-class instruction in media production and guides participants to achieve MNN Producer Certification. The 35-hours per week position, includes work on Saturdays and some evenings, reports directly to the Manager of Youth Education. The position is heavily focused on teaching and administrative management of the Youth Media Center set of core classes.

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