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Community Media Day


Free Speech week is just around the corner. In an effort to support all the work we do, BRIC and the ACM have joined forces to create the first-ever, annual Community Media Day.

Community Media Day (October 20, 2016) is an annual celebration of voices that brings awareness to the importance of free speech and accessible media for all individuals to have their voices heard.

We’re all community media crusaders and were completely inspired by John Nichols’s speech at the conference, so let’s keep that fire going. Are you a community media crusader who wasn’t at the conference? Check out Mr. Nichols’s speech (start @ 7:15).

We invite you to visit communitymediaday.com to learn how you can get involved and host an event to celebrate this very special day. Hesitant? Are you thinking, is Community Media Day really for me? Yes community media crusader, it absolutely is for you!
Community Media Day is YOUR opportunity to brand and promote the incredible work that you are doing in your community.
Check out the website to learn how your media center, LMPFS, or media maker organization can get involved. You’ll find:

  • Celebration ideas
  • An events page so that you can see how your fellow community media crusaders from all over the country are celebrating
  • Information about our current partners and how you can become one too
  • Information about Free Speech Week (October 17-21) and how you can become a partner
  • Social Media Tags
  • Proclamations
  • And lots more!

Send us information about how you’ll be celebrating Community Media Day
Please join us today in making Community Media Day 2016 a success!