Featured Member

Chad Johnston


Executive Director, Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN)
St. Paul, MN

Why are you an ACM member?
There is no other organization who’s mission focuses on the critical role of community media in our cultural, civic and economic lives. The ACM is the only organization who connects and networks those working in community media, and is one of the most consistent advocates for our field in DC. They challenge us to think differently about our work, its evolution and how community media fits into the larger policy landscape.

What do you enjoy about being an ACM member?
The conference has been invaluable for my development as a leader in this field. The networking and mentoring I have received because of the annual and regional conferences has truly influenced my ability to do good work in my community. Plus, those of us who work in community media know that it’s a wacky, wacky world out there, and the ACM helps me understand that I’m not alone.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a proud graduate of Antioch College, where I was fortunate to have amazing community media and muckraking mentors like Bob Devine, Chris Hill and Anne Bohlen. I have been working in community media since my first college internship in Tualatin Valley, OR in 1998. I’m a Burner, an optimist curmudgeon, a lover of good vodka and an avid cook.