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2017 Call for Nominations: Open Positions: Three At-Large Seats

The Nominating Process:

  • The nominating period runs Friday, May 12 – Tuesday, July 11, 2017.
  • Nominees must complete and submit the Nomination/Petition Form. The form may be submitted on your own behalf, or as a petition form signed by five ACM members in good standing.
  • Nominees must sign the Nomination/Petition form to formally accept their nomination prior to the close to the nomination period.
  • Each nominee who has accepted their nomination must complete the online Board Application Form. (Please note that the Board Application Form is different from the Nomination/Petition Form).

Board Position Information and Expectations:
It is recommended nominees read the 2017 Board Summary of Responsibilities.
Nominees should be clear that the National Board is a policy governance board, not an honorary board.

Board members are expected to participate actively in board and committee meetings, be faithful ambassadors and communicators of the organization’s positions, contribute meaningfully to helping the organization achieve its fund and leadership development goals, and exercise proper fiduciary care.