Inclusion, Equity, Engagement (IEE) Caucus

About IEE

The Inclusion Equity and Engagement (IEE) Caucus is a caucus of the ACM that exists to make recommendations to the ACM board of directors on policies and practices to ensure that no individual is discriminated against within the organization.
Our caucus meets annually and is open to all ACM members. It exists to be your voice.
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Nominations for IEE Leadership

The IEE Caucus is calling for nominations for leadership: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary/Treasurer; Board Representative.

Positions last for one calendar year, beginning from the ACM Annual conference and ending at the following ACM Annual conference.

1. All officers must be an individual member or designated organizational member of ACM.
2. All officers must either be a current or retired media professional or be a volunteer.

The IEE nomination period is Monday, June 12 through Friday, June 23.

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IEE June 2017 Blog Post: Engaging Youth in Media

Written by: Barbara Chisholm, Executive Director, WACA TV

WACA TV has been engaging youth in media for over 20 years.  There are several media opportunities that young people can participate in at WACA TV.  For example, summer production workshops where we instruct middle and high school youth in all aspects of media.  They learn scriptwriting, set and prop design, acting, filming both in the studio and on location, and post/production. Continue Reading Story

IEE Featured Station: Native Voice TV

Every week, NVTV Host Rose Amador LeBeau invites indigenous people from all walks of life to tell their stories.

Every week, NVTV Host Rose Amador LeBeau invites indigenous people from all walks of life to tell their stories.

Written by Donna Liu

Of all the TV shows out there that speak to the principles of Inclusion, Equity and Engagement, perhaps none is more poignant than Native Voice TV, a weekly program that has been produced in Northern California since 2004, and is still going strong. Poignant, because some of the least-heard voices in America belong to the people who were here first. In the words of their own  producers, “Native Voice TV seeks to provide a voice for Indigenous people to tell of their struggles and injustices that are often ignored by the mainstream media.” Read the full story here


IEE Operating Rules Procedures

Tips from a Youth Coordinator

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2016 IEE Resource Guide

Updates from the Chair, Beth Romeo

January 2017: Here’s to 2017

Here’s to 2017!

Beth Romeo, IEE Chair

Beth Romeo, IEE Chair

Well, the New Year is here and I hope you are looking forward to 2017 as much as I am! The New Year always gives us that chance to recharge and refocus on the work ahead. No one can argue that there are some interesting times ahead of us, and I believe that community media is going to be a large contributor to cultivating lots of civil engagement this year. As you go forth into your work in 2017, the Inclusion, Equity, Engagement (IEE) Caucus is committed to reminding you of the importance of IEE issues within our daily work and lives. I am excited to announce that IEE will be posting a variety of content each month on the ACM website. This content will be coming from a diversity of ACM members and we hope that each month will encourage and motivate you to incorporate IEE practices into your organization. If you would like to share your best practices or stories related to IEE topics, please contact me at We would love to see this grow into an ongoing community discussion.

All the best,
Beth Romeo
IEE Caucus, Chair