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Open Position: Aspiring Software Developer

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Tightrope Media Systems

Aspiring Software Developer
CBL-Engineering – Minneapolis, Minnesota Apply for this Job
Employment Type
Minimum Experience
Do you like solving problems with computers?
Have you built websites, hacked something together, know what API means?
Did you just graduate a coding boot camp?
Want to help community focused organizations fulfill their missions?
If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions — read on!

We are looking for an aspiring software developer to help us build for the future and squash pesky bugs. This is a full time, remote friendly position starting early January 2019. If you’re eager to learn, hungry for a challenge, and want to learn by doing we want to hear from you!

A Bit About Us

We build the easiest to use broadcast automation software and video servers crafted for community media organizations serving thousands of local communities across the country. For two decades, we’ve been enabling customers to let computers do what computers do best and get back to their missions of serving their communities. We’re profitable, bootstrapped, and growing — we are in this for the long haul. We love our customers and go above and beyond to help them succeed. We also know that happy people achieve the best outcomes. We insist on putting yourself first so you can be rested, energized, and excited to meet hard challenges head on.

Our core values are:

We lead with humor and humility
We are driven to be awesome at our craft
We treat customers as people, not transactions
We are team players and committed to a shared success
We go above and beyond, especially in a time of crisis
Our flagship product, Cablecast, has been leading the industry as an easy to use solution to automate the operation of small community focused TV stations. In continuous development since 2000, the product has morphed from the easiest way to control VCRs from a web browser to a turn key, scalable line of high definition video servers with integrated live web streaming and video on demand solutions.

This past year has seen us grow into new opportunities with the launch of Screenweave our first Apple TV app and Roku channel. Screenweave promises to be an exciting adventure into the future where cord cutters get most content from smart phones and the internet.

A Bit About You

Our product is big. Comprising a modern single page web application written in EmberJS, a .NET Web API backend, as well as several C# services for background processing. We rely heavily on Amazon Web Services for our Reflect CDN offerings and are growing our cloud with APIs and real time monitoring built with Elixir. To top it all off we’re exploring the Rust language to replace our legacy C++ video processing code. In summary, we work up and down the stack, from the bare metal, to the browser. If you’re excited about learning new things you’ll be a great fit.

You will be talking to customers, sales people, and working closely with support technicians. You value working with everyone in the team to provide the best experience for the customer.

You won’t know most things and there is no manual. You’ll dig in, google everything, try things out, and ask for help when you’re really stuck.

You are self-motivated and can manage your own time. You’ll be on a small, remote first, team.

You don’t mind traveling, whether it’s to focus and align with the team, learn new things, or to meet a customer.

You’re who we are looking for if:

You’re always learning.
You prioritize solving real problems over technical excellence.
You have excellent written communication skills.
You love solving problems.
You aren’t afraid to ask questions.
You are independent and productive, but a team player at heart.

You break the mold if:

You’ve worked in community media.
Have experience with video.
Have used Cablecast.
For this entry level position, the starting salary is 55,000 USD negotiable depending on experience and skills.

How to Apply

Please note that we are a remote first team based out of Minneapolis MN. If you live in the Minneapolis area working in our awesome downtown office is available, but optional.

Write a cover letter introducing yourself and letting us know why the position interests you and why you would be an amazing fit on the team.
At the end of the cover letter, answer the following questions.
Describe the coolest problem you’ve ever solved with a computer.
What is the most annoying issue with a piece of software you use, and how would you make it better.
Where would you work from and why is it a good environment. It’s ok to say you would come to the office πŸ™‚
Attach a PDF Resume if you have one. If you don’t have one prepared then describe your relevant work history and education in your cover letter.
The cover letter is REALLY, REALLY important. Cover letters are read first, before we even glance at your resume.

Submit your cover letter and resume no later than 12:00 PM CT on December 7th. Hard deadline. Late postings will be ignored.

We will review all applications within one week and reply with an answer if we will be inviting you to continue on to the next stage of the hiring process.