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Open Position: Media Education & Training Specialist

Media Education & Training Specialist

The Media Education & Training Specialist performs a variety of duties related to designing, leading, and facilitating a variety of curriculum for youth and adults in media arts education.  This position will create a comfortable and creatively stimulating learning environment for people from all walks of life including the general public, college interns, local nonprofit organizations or service clubs, local government staff and officials, high school students enrolled in vocational programs, and youth groups.In addition, the Media Education and Training Specialist will create opportunities for creative professionals, community producers, and community members to come together to explore uses of media technology to tell stories of social and cultural relevance to impact the community.  This position will take the lead on the development of PMN’s youth media program.

Examples of duties:

  • Develop and maintain training and instruction curricula for Public Media Network classes and Education for Employment (EFE) programs.
  • Design, promote, coordinate, and conduct a media arts education program for youth.
  • Create and implement an advanced training program to foster a creative learning environment for media arts.
  • Provide support for an innovative media lab program to experiment and incubate uses of media by the Greater Kalamazoo community for social impact.
  • Strive to ensure that all Public Media Network education and training programs include media literacy components.
  • Schedule public workshops, vocational training, and other media education programs in a manner that efficiently utilizes PMN facility and equipment resources.
  • Provide support for the marketing and promotion of PMN media education programs.
  • Provide inventory control and general maintenance of facility and equipment resources used in training/instructional activities.
  • Gather input and design ideas for educational programs from PMN staff, community media colleagues, educational contacts, and other resources.
  • Foster an active space where community members and media makers can connect with each other.
  • Help troubleshoot and provide technical and creative support to community producers using the equipment resources and facilities of the PMN Media Arts Center.
  • Prepares reports on the plans, activities, and outcomes of PMN media education and training programs.
  • Operates professional media production equipment, such as cameras, lights, graphics, audio, and nonlinear edit systems.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director

Required Knowledge and Skills:

The Media Education & Training Specialist must possess:   a thorough understanding of media production styles and processes; a thorough understanding of, and experience with, a wide variety of audio and video production equipment and software; experience developing and implementing instructional curricula. Strong scheduling and organizational skills are required.

Desired Knowledge and Skills:

The Media Education & Training Specialist should possess:   a working knowledge of Mac OS, Microsoft OS, Microsoft Office software suite (word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentations), and specialized media production software including Final Cut Express/Studio, Garage Band, Photoshop or similar software resources.

Suggested Training and Experience:

The Media Education & Training Specialist should possess:   an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from a college or university with specialization in video production or broadcast journalism; demonstrated experience in the design and instruction of media arts education programs; any combination of training and experience that provides the desired level of knowledge and skills.

Additional Requirements:

The Media Education & Training Specialist will be required to apply for, and secure, Annual CTE Authorization from the Kalamazoo Regional Education Support Agency (KRESA) in order to provide instruction for PMN’s Education for Employment program.  The Media Education & Training Specialist should have a desire and willingness to obtain a Professional or Standard CTE Certificate.

The Media Education & Training Specialist must have schedule flexibility to accommodate vocational class scheduling and public workshop scheduling (typically weekday evenings and some weekends).

The Media Education & Training Specialist must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the State of Michigan.

Reports to: Operations Manager

Hours: Full-Time, non-exempt.  Standard work schedule: Monday – Friday,  12:30 pm – 9:00 pm, with alternate Saturdays.  Some mornings, and weekends may be required.  The nature of the position may necessitate work assignments outside of these hours.

Pay rate: $14 – 19/hour, based on experience.  40 hours per week

Email or Mail Cover Letter and Resume by 5:00 p.m. Friday, January 19, 2018 to:
Linda Tetzloff

Attn: Linda Tetzloff
Public Media Network
359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Ste. 300
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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