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Open Position: Executive Director


NSCC/CTV (Roseville, Minnesota area): EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC), and its associated nonprofit organization CTV North Suburbs (“CTV”), invites applications for the position of Executive Director. NSCC is a joint powers venture by the cities of Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville and St. Anthony, Minnesota (located just north of Minneapolis-St. Paul). About 110,000 residents live in the nine member cities. The NSCC administers and enforces cable franchise agreements; manages resources that include franchise fees from the member cities, Public, Educational and Government (“PEG”) access support funds, and other assets; and informs member cities and the public of developing technology and issues related to cable communications. NSCC also provides community access to cable television through its oversight of the North Suburban Access Corporation – a nonprofit organization commonly known as CTV North Suburbs (“CTV”). CTV promotes programming by and for the community, manages access channels and facilities, and encourages use of its production resources.

The Executive Director is the NSCC/CTV chief executive officer and principal spokesperson. Responsibilities include ensuring franchise compliance by the cable operators; revenue development; supervision of promotion, training, production, and programming efforts; and guiding CTV through a transition from “cable access TV” to a “community media center.”

This person must have strong communication skills to lead and inspire others, ensure the fair and equitable delivery of services, oversee new revenue development activities, encourage the growth of diverse and quality community programming, invigorate civic engagement, and enable CTV to realize its mission in a digital age. The Executive Director formulates and implements policies, programs and objectives for the CTV channels, resources and services, and inspires the participation of volunteers and organizations in CTV activities. The Executive Director reports to the NSCC/CTV Board of Directors, and must work effectively in a team environment.

CTV manages a large video production and distribution facility, which includes studio, field production and editing equipment; a playback system for several cable channels (including one in HD); and two full-size production trucks that are very heavily used (200+ programs per year).

In 2017, the amount of franchise fees and PEG support fees from the cable companies that were provided for NSCC and CTV exceeded $1.8 million – approximately $1.4 million for CTV and $400,000 for NSCC. However, the 2017 franchise renewal agreement with Comcast will result in significantly decreased franchise fee and PEG fee support from the cable companies in 2018 (about $850,000 for CTV and $300,000 for NSCC). Therefore, a new business model must be developed for NSCC/CTV. While earned income is budgeted to be about $100,000 in 2018, significant revenue development will be an important focus of NSCC and CTV in the future.


Give direction and leadership to the formulation and achievement of the NSCC/CTV philosophy, mission, annual goals and objectives.

Lead the development of a new business model for NSCC/CTV, and implement an organizational strategy based upon partnership building, innovation, and the delivery of programs and services that are known for their excellence, relevance and sustainability.

Identify and pursue opportunities to advance the mission while transitioning from heavy reliance on cable franchise resources to a broadened base of financial support, including fee-for-service revenue, grants, and other revenue resources.

Work in collaboration with NSCC/CTV Board of Directors and staff to develop and implement all policies, procedures, and long-range strategic plans. Prepare periodic reports regarding progress toward and barriers to the achievement of such policies and plans.

Ensure that the cable operators comply with the terms of the franchise agreements for the nine member cities on an ongoing basis.

Oversee administrative, financial and program operations, and all NSCC/CTV personnel matters.

Prepare and, following Board approval, administer the NSCC and CTV annual budgets. Develop and implement responsible fiscal procedures and policies.

Maintain close working relationship with elected officials, non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, civic organizations and local businesses.


Work constantly to improve and enhance the services offered by CTV, and evaluate its capacity to serve and meet the needs of the residents and organizations within the nine member cities.

Negotiate and assure compliance with all NSCC/CTV contracts, and assure that NSCC/CTV meets standards imposed by funding sources.

Prepare agendas for NSCC/CTV Board of Directors meetings and provide all relevant information.

Advise the NSCC/CTV Board of Directors on relevant federal, state and local legislation.

With assistance of the NSCC/CTV attorney, assure that all operations comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Establish adequate personnel policies, maintain a positive working relationship among staff members, assure that staff members receive appropriate training, demonstrate fairness in dealings with staff members and people served, and employ progressive discipline as needed.

Expand, sustain and administer an active volunteer recruitment program.

Participate in local, regional, and national networks as a leader in community media and keep informed of trends, issues, events and developments within the community media field through professional peer contacts, conference attendance, etc.



BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university, or equivalent experience.

A minimum of five (5) years of management or supervisory experience in cable TV/community media, public administration, communications or a related field, or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the desired knowledge and skills.

Must have achieved a senior level position in an organization or department.


Excellent public speaking and written communications skills, including the ability to initiate, develop and maintain good relationships with a broad range of people.

Demonstrated experience in revenue development, fiscal administration, planning, nonprofit organization management, marketing/public relations, and human resource development.

Extensive knowledge of or experience in the cable TV/community media field, including federal, state and local cable regulations, program production, operating rules, training, and related matters.

An understanding of budget processes.

Personnel management experience, including responsibility for hiring and termination.

A commitment to facilitate artistic expression and the Constitutional rights of free speech.

Ability to reach out to and work with diverse groups, individuals, ideas and opinions.

Demonstrated self-confidence and sound judgment sufficient to handle challenges.


Knowledge of, commitment to and a passion for the mission of PEG access/community media.

Work experience with local government agencies, educators and community groups.

A strong commitment to helping the residents and organizations of nine member cities.

Ability to empower and delegate to others without micromanaging, and to keep staff engaged through reviews and meaningful two-way dialogue.

Proven successful track record in entrepreneurial activities and revenue development, including short- and long-term planning, grant writing, and the ability to cultivate prosperous relationships with potential community partners and financial supporters.

Executive level experience in leading a nonprofit organization, preferably in non-commercial community media.

Experience and comfort with the use of social media tools for marketing and recruitment purposes.

Experience in dealing with conflicts with board members, staff, municipal partners and the public in a professional manner.

Verbal and writing skills that reveal an ability to communicate with and make presentations to various business, academic, community, and government organizations.

Experience in working effectively with diverse populations.


This job description should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards for the position. Employees will follow any other instructions and perform any other related duties as may be required to fulfill all job responsibilities and the mission of the organization.

The starting annual salary will range from $75,000 to $85,000, depending upon the selected applicant’s qualifications and experience. An appropriate benefits package is also included.

Applicants must submit:
(1) a detailed letter of introduction (describing the degree to which their experience, knowledge and skills match the identified duties and responsibilities, minimum employment standards and requirements, and desirable qualifications of this position);
(2) a current resume;
(3) a statement regarding the applicant’s salary and benefits requirements; and
(4) at least three professional references with telephone numbers.

Submit the application materials described above — as PDF format attachments to an e-mail message — to The Buske Group, c/o Randy VanDalsen (randy@thebuskegroup.com).
The Buske Group is assisting NSCC/CTV in this Executive Director search.Applications must be received no later than 5:00 PM (CST) on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

Links to information about NSCC/CTV and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area:

NSCC/CTV: http://www.ctvnorthsuburbs.org, facebook.com/CTVnorthsuburbs, and http://www.ctvnorthsuburbs.org/nsacnscc/nscc/about

Minneapolis-St. Paul area: http://visit-twincities.com and