Alliance for Community Media’s Executive Director Sylvia Strobel Testifies at Maryland State Senate

Maryland state is currently undergoing renegotiation of their state franchise fees. Alliance for Community Media’s Executive Director, Sylvia Strobel, went today to testify at the Maryland state Senate against Maryland Senate Bill 567.


ACM Executive Director Sylvia Stobel Testifies Before Maryland State House

On February, 22, 2012, many ACM members from Maryland participated in a hearing at the Maryland State House regarding House Bill 563 and its potential impact on public, educational and governmental cable channels in Maryland.


Alliance for Community Signs Onto Letter of Opposition Regarding Two FCC Reform Bills

The Alliance for Community Media and a number of ACM members signed on to a letter of opposition today regarding the two FCC “reform” bills currently moving through the House of Representatives.


Alliance for Community Media Applauds Opponents of AT&T Merger

Yesterday, AT&T announced that it had ended its bid to buy T-Mobile. The Alliance for Community Media’s (ACM), Executive Director Sylvia Strobel made the following statement.


Feedback on EAS Test

Earlier this month, NATOA filed a letter with the FCC regarding the EAS national test conducted in November.  NATOA members experienced much of what others have commented on over the past few weeks – namely, that the test had numerous glitches and the quality of the test varied even within localities.  Read NATOA’s letter here.


Alliance For Community Media Thanks FCC Commissioner Copps For Support

The Alliance for Community Media (ACM) wishes to thank Commissioner Michael Copps for his dedication and public service to the citizens of this country. On behalf of the public, educational and governmental cable channels and community media centers, the ACM is grateful for his support in preserving local voices.


ACM Co-Signs Letter to FCC Supporting Media Ownership Diversity

The ACM was pleased to co-sign comments to the Federal Communications Commission requesting that diversity be a central focus of its upcoming Quadrennial Media Ownership Rule Review. The ACM was among more than fifty supporters of the comments. To read the comments here.

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Federal Communications Commission Seeks Review of AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The Alliance for Community Media (ACM) commends the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its order to hold a hearing on the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made the move after commission staff concluded that the proposed transaction would harm consumers, and result in a loss of jobs and an overly concentrated wireless phone industry.


ACM Letter to the FCC Regarding EAS Test and PEG Centers

Last week, the Alliance filed the following letter with the FCC regarding the inclusion of public, educational and governmental channels EAS Test.


Protect Net Neutrality

Please call your senators now and tell them to keep corporations from interfering with our Internet. Vote NO on S.J. Res. 6.